Tripper Getem - Double Cup Shawty (REVIEW)

Tripper Getem - Double Cup Shawty 

(November 2011)

Alright, so if you followed the first incarnation of SLGHZ then you know I’m pretty tight with Tripper Getem. I’ve reviewed his albums and mixtapes many times, and posted them about on the blog. This is no different. I’ll be reviewing his new party themed mixtape “Double Cup Shawty” that came out towards the end of November. 

The mixtape starts off with Cloud 9 Feat. Lil Certa. This track might be my favorite off the whole tape, always a good idea to start off with a strong track to set the tone. The beat is so ill, like it’s a trap/party beat but it has that dark feel to it. I’m not sure who produced it though, but kudos to them. Lyrically, this song is all about getting high. This is the type of song you would put on in the car with your friends when you’re about to smoke, I can imagine. Tripper goes ham as usual, and Certa comes in with adlibs and with his own verse, which goes perfectly with the song. Certa and Tripper always have this chemistry on their tracks together, none of them have let me down yet. I’d enjoy an entire Tripper Getem/Lil Certa collab tape actually. After this track is the revengeful Level Up and the recognizable track On My Level (which he released a video for, but then it got taken down due to drug paraphernalia or some shit, and then he made an alternate video you can view here: This track also appeared on his mixtape he dropped earlier this year titled “The Fly & The Flawless”. Cop that shit here if you haven’t yet:

The auto-tune filled Pour Up A 4 comes next, and this is more of a pop party song. It still rides though, and keeps the tape consistent (he dropped a video for this song as well, which you can view here: The mixtape keeps stayin consistent, but the next track to really catch my attention was Lyrical Criminal. This track keeps the smoking/party feel, but he touches on how he’s been on his grind and how he’s next to come up in the game. He also throws some disses at fellow Caucasian rappers Mac Miller and Yelawolf. This track is followed by Young N*ggaz, which is Tripper Getem and fellow TBDM alumni Jack Boy. The beat is originally from the song of the same name off Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame’s joint album “Ferrari Boys”. Stylistically, Tripper plays Gucci’s role and Jack Boy plays Waka’s role in this song. Overall the song is dope, and it was cool to see the return of an old TBDM member on a track with Tripper. 

Double Cup Gang is a couple tracks later, and I feel this may be my 2nd favorite off the tape. It has that same trap/dark sound that Cloud 9 had. Lil Certa joins Tripper on this track for a verse of his own, and to chant “Double Cup Gang” along with Tripper G. Once again, Tripper and Certa go in on a track together. Not much more to say about this track, but you’ll be able to tell it’s among the strongest tracks on the mixtape. Double Cup Gang is followed by Hit The Lights, another one of my favorite tracks off Double Cup Shawty. I think Cloud 9 was produced by the same dude as Hit The Lights, which is produced by Beat Geeks. I remember they produced some of my favorite tracks off of Alien Muzik 2, one of Tripper’s strongest mixtapes of his career he dropped back in March. This track changes up the style you’re probably used to on this mixtape so far, it kind of has that No Limit sound to it, but with a modern edge. Overall the track is dope, it was actually one of the first tracks I heard off this tape since I received it before the whole tape was even released. Upon listening to it, I knew that Tripper stepped his game up and that Double Cup Shawty was going to be his best mixtape in awhile. 

Turnt Up comes next, returning back to the party sound that is evident through out most of the mixtape. This track has a nice beat that has this sound in it that reminds me of Pac-Man. Probably in my top 5 favorites off this tape. Disgusting follows up, and the lyrics match the title if you’re easily offended. It’s a another nice style switch up, and if the beat was darker it sort of seems like something that might be on Darkness Falls or something of the sort. Fun track regardless. KILL comes after that, and you may recognize this track fbecause he also released this on youtube when he was doing his “Song A Day” collection, and it also has the recognizable beat from Earl Sweatshirt’s song “Kill” off his classic album “EARL”. If this were an original beat, I could picture this being on Tripper’s upcoming album Darkness Falls: Death Around The Corner. Oddly enough, the next track is supposed to be on Darkness Falls if I’m not mistaken. It’s called Lethal Operetta. Lyrically, I believe this track is about Fred Walker, and if you don’t know who that is then I suggest you download Tripper’s first album he dropped called Alone In The Dark: Last Boy On Earth (download here: The beat has some opera samples that give it an evil/sinister sound. Another one of my favorites off Double Cup Shawty, even if it may not fit the style. 

One thing I really enjoy about this mixtape is that with most albums or mixtapes, they usually start to slack towards the end. With Double Cup Shawty, the mixtape stays solid and actually gets better towards the end. Right after Lethal Operetta ends, Lyrical Criminal 2 starts. This song is much different from Lyrical Criminal style wise, and lyrically it’s about Tripper’s come back with this mixtape. He raps about how people have noticed his improvement. The song has a nice R&B sample and it’s a more laid back song compared to the rest of the mixtape. Another favorite. The pace is picked back up with I’m Gone, and then the mixtape comes to a close with Keep Going. The song is a poppy, nintendo sounding song where Tripper raps about how he’s going to keep going on with his career regardless of the people who hate on him. I think it was a good track to end with, it kind of has that conclusive sound to it when you put it next to the last few tracks.

Overall, this is Tripper’s strongest mixtape of the year with BasedWorldCollection: Red Version and AM2. I can’t think of a single track I didn’t like at all. If you’re looking for a party mixtape or something to smoke to, or just want something to wild out to Double Cup Shawty is the Tripper Getem mixtape for you, but if you’re looking for something you can relate to and something serious, I suggest you download BasedWorldCollection: Red Version and Searching For Hope. If you live in South Louisiana, chances are you’ve seen this mixtape or fliers for it around because Tripper is trying to make this mixtape go viral. I suggest you grab a copy if you see one. If you want to listen before you download, you can stream and download Double Cup Shawty on mixconnect here:

Also, I’ve uploaded nearly every Tripper Getem Album, Mixtape, EP, and Track I’ve collected to mediafire. It’s all organized by type of release and by year. Check out the Tripper Getem Music Archive here:

Now that you know how I feel about Double Cup Shawty, download it and listen to it and see if you enjoy it too. Hope you enjoyed this review, thanks.

-Malefic Form


Yep. A review of Tripper Getem’s new mixtape “Double Cup Shawty” will be up shortly.